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Are you in search of a specialist for the following areas, topics, and tasks? Our team offers comprehensive expertise in the areas of planning, consulting, support, and optimization.


  1. PVC & Wax: Specialized solutions for processing PVC and wax in painting facilities.

  2. Pre-treatment & KTL: Expertise in pre-treatment and KTL (Cathodic Dip Painting) for optimal surface preparation.

  3. Robot Application: Customized solutions for the integration of robots in painting facilities.

  4. Color Mixing Room/Material Supply: Efficient concepts for color mixing rooms and material supply in painting processes.

  5. Conveyor Technology: Optimization of conveyor systems for a smooth material flow.


  1. Painting Systems & Painting Technology: Consultation and implementation of advanced painting systems and technologies.

  2. Software: Development and integration of tailored software for painting facilities.

  3. Robotics: Expertise in the application of robotics for precise painting processes.

  4. Mechanics: Support with mechanical aspects to ensure smooth plant functionality.


  1. Commissioning: Professional commissioning of painting facilities for a seamless start.

  2. Construction Management: Experienced construction management for the implementation of painting facility projects.

  3. Production Assistance: Support during the production process to ensure optimal results.

  4. PLC Programming: Programming of programmable logic controllers (PLC) for precise operations.

  5. Offline Programming: Implementation of offline programming for efficient robot control.

  6. Thickness Adjustment: Precise adjustment of paint layer thickness for high-quality results.

  7. Process Optimization: Continuous improvement of painting processes for higher efficiency and quality.

  8. Project Management: Comprehensive project management from planning to implementation.

... and much more! Our team is available to develop customized solutions for your specific requirements.

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